What We Do

Our Vision

A foremost philanthropic organization that seeks to deliver better livelihood, empowerment and assistant and assistance to the less privileged, vulnerable of all ages, classes, tongues and tribes.

Our Mission

To facilitate access to sustainable means of livelihood and contribute to a better world.

Our objective

  • To empower the less privilege of all tongues and tribe.
  • To improve the standard of living of people through provision of financial aid, especially in the areas of health, social security, education, infrastructure, amongst others.
  • Fostering and advancing morals among all persons and people all over the world.
  • To provide genuine and reasonable assistance to needy agencies, such as schools, hospitals and orphanages.
  • To empower women and youth through skill acquisition.
  • To carter for all cream of humanitarian and philanthropic activities.
  • To address gender inequalities and disparities poverty reduction interventions.
  • To facilitate access to business development services for target beneficiaries.
  • To establish welfare shops stocked with essential household needs at subsidized rate in order to reduce vulnerability of the rural and urban people.

We are to;


  • Identify
  • Rehabilitate
  • Re-integrate


  • Training
  • Skill acquisition
  • Career counseling

Educating their mind through radio visual materials.
Catering for their needs through, the distribution of foods items, cloths, shoes, household items and money.



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