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Events Continued

Igbo Cultural Day, Mushin

Igbo Cultural Day in Mushin where the Founder was honoured with the tittle of
Oke-Mkpume Umu Nwanyi Gburu-Gburu

on October 7th, 2017.

National Council of Women Society (NCWS)

National Council of Women Society (NCWS), 
And Nigerian Women Political Stakeholders Summit

Theme: Increasing the Participation of Women in
Political And Democratic Governance Process in Nigeria.

Date: 25th - 26th Oct, 2017.

Adorable Foundation International in Ghana

Adorable Foundation International was given the honor to be present 
at the Celebration of Igbo Culture in Ghana.

2017 Iriji (New Yam Festival)
Harnessing Igbo Culture in Diaspora 

Date: 30th Oct, 2017.